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Compare KN95 standards to that of N95 mask standards: View Mask Comparison Data Page by 3M

Mask Specifications:

  • Disposable Three Dimensional Protective Mask
  • Size: 175 mm x 140 mm
  • GB 2626-2006 (KN95) Complaint
  • High-filtration 3 Layer Folding Style
  • Ear Loop Style
  • Disposable Not Washable
  • If the mask is damaged, soiled or breathing becomes difficult mask is to be removed and properly discarded.
  • By purchasing you understand No Promise or Guarantee or Warranty these masks will prevent you from catching any disease.
  • Limit 100 per customer (Medical / Hospital / Agencies and Departments we are happy to help please contact us for your larger quantity needs)

KN95 Mask for Sale

Retail Price KN95 Masks for Sale Box of 10: $99.99 = $9.99/mask


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